MindsEye 2.0

MindsEye 2.0

MindsEye is an AI framework built using Java. It uses reference counting for efficient resource use, and uses libraries such as CuDNN (CUDA) and Aparapi (OpenCL) to do numerical heavy lifting. It provides a highly customizable optimization library, and a wide variety of pre-coded layers.

AWS Utilities

This library makes it simple to:

  1. Start a virtual machine
  2. Upload the currently running classpath to the server
  3. Start an analogue of the current running jvm
  4. Transfer and execute tasks in the form of serializable lambdas

Literate Reporting

A mix of notebook-style ui such as Jupiter with a literate programming-like approach to self-documenting code. It uses markdown and the frontmatter renderer to support things such as code coloring.


reSTM is a distributed software transactional memory platform implemented using a rest-friendly HTTP protocol and written in Scala. It is currently a prototype packaged as a Play application.