reSTM is a distributed software transactional memory platform implemented using a rest-friendly HTTP protocol and written in Scala. It is currently a prototype packaged as a Play application.

Decision Trees as a Service

I discussed in my previous blog post a distributed software transactional memory library I was implementing in Scala. Being a platform, it is hard to demonstrate without some interesting application running on it. I have thus created a decision tree service - a RESTful api to populate, train, and query decision tree structures. As the majority of this post will discuss the decision tree service, I would like to emphasize that this is merely a demo application for a research-grade platform.

reSTM - RESTful Software Transactional Memory

In today’s article, i am excited to announce the release of my new project, reSTM. The idea is to implement a database layer based on software transactional memory, allowing client-side business logic to operate generically against a database with transactional guarantees. Additionally, the memory access protocol is designed as a JSON REST service, encouraging transparency and interoperability. I believe this approach can fill an under-addressed need in modern software technologies, with its scalable NoSQL approach to transactional data.